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  • Sofort Lieferbar nach Zahlungseingang.
  • Bei max. 30° Handwäsche waschen
  • Nicht bleichen
  • Bei mittlerer Temperatur bügeln
  • Nicht im Trommeltrockner trocknen
  • Nicht chemisch reinigen
  • With its deep purple apron, elaborately embroidered bodice and balconette neckline, this dirndl is simply fantastic and feminine. It is a dirndl with a modern, dainty design but also doesn?t turn its back on tradition. The floral embroidery intricately decorates the beige bodice, and the deep balconette neckline looks seductive but does not reveal too much. This lady-like style continues with the black lace edging, as well as at the apron in a radiant purple colour, which is both sensual and elegant. This eye-catching colour effectively contrasts with the black, calf-length skirt.
  • Item Number: 41235309
  • Length: 130cm
  • Blouse: 100% Baumwolle / Top: 100% Baumwolle / Apron: 40% Baumwolle 60% Polyester / Skirt: 100% Baumwolle
  • Blouse: Weiß / Top: Grün / Apron: Lila / Skirt: Schwarz
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