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  • Sofort Lieferbar nach Zahlungseingang.
  • Bei max. 30° Handwäsche waschen
  • Nicht bleichen
  • Bei mittlerer Temperatur bügeln
  • Nicht im Trommeltrockner trocknen
  • Nicht chemisch reinigen
  • Red and blue are often used together to create beautiful dirndl designs, and this charming dirndl is a new interpretation of this colour combination. The satin skirt shimmers in a wonderful shade of blue. Cotton is exclusively combined with taffeta yarn, to create a shimmery effect that changes depending on the angle of the light. The red and blue ribbon lacing of the bodice also features this dazzling effect. The impressive bodice is another beautiful feature of this dirndl. It is a dark red colour, embroidered with flowers and decorated with gold, shiny borders which complement the apron. Since the apron and bodice provide a lot of detail, a black skirt perfectly prevents the dirndl from looking too garish.
  • Item Number: 41235420
  • Length: 120cm
  • Blouse: 100% Baumwolle / Top: 40% Polyester 50% Acryl 10% Lurex / Apron: 40% Baumwolle 60% Taft / Skirt: 100% Baumwolle
  • Blouse: Weiß / Top: Rot / Apron: Blau / Skirt: Schwarz
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